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I grew up a very curious and eager child and developed a love for technology from a young age.
The adults in my family, being from an older generation, were understandably struggling to keep up with the exponential pace at which technology and the internet were evolving.
I was more than happy to try to solve any problem they came to me with, whether it was a flip phone or a cable box.
Early on I began to realize how my affinity for technology overlapped with my passion for helping and teaching other people.

Security and privacy are at the forefront of what I do.
In the current Information Age, an inconcievable amount of data is collected, stored, processed, and commodified every day.
While arguably being useful when it comes to things like targeted advertisements, loading frequently visited webpages faster, and improving consumer experience,
it comes at the expense of any sense of personal privacy.
The average user viewing this webpage is being tracked in at least 5 different ways right now, none of which are by this webpage.
Your private, personal data is collected by companies and products that you trust will be using it ethically, and is then sold to entities known as data brokers
where it is packaged into your unique digital footprint.
The term digital footprint refers to one's digital actions, activities, and communications across digital devices and the Internet.

Everybody has a digital footprint.
The simplest way to look at yours is to simply do a Google search for your name.
I recommend using quotiation marks in your search, like this: ("Your Name")
This tells Google to only include results that exactly match the text inside the quotation marks.

You'll likely see results from Whitepages and similar websites with your name. They might only have your name listed, or they might have your name, address, and phone number listed.
You may see some pictures of yourself, relatives, and other people that you know.
If you're younger, you will probably see social media profiles and posts.

What did you find?
Were you alarmed, embarrassed, or concerned about any of the results?
Perhaps you didn't find much relating to yourself, but found
an enormous amount on somebody you know who spends a lot of time on social media.